Knowledge Adventure Club

Adventure of a life time start here!

Who are we?
The club was started by a group of PNG citizens with the same ambition “generously promote knowledge through reading'.

The team planned to visit remote site s in PNG targeting the unfortunate communities that miss out on the basic government services.
Whilst exploring our blessed homeland we decided not to only receive the experience but to give back to the community we visit. We aim to guide tomorrow’s generation to learn the importance of knowledge through reading.

Mission Statement:
• Our Short term goal is to start building-up one library a time throughout PNG.
• Our long term goal is to build-up a network of libraries and to develop the first pouching library system through the network of libraries in PNG.
• We aim to also promote sister Clubs in the resource sector and any other sectors within in PNG with the same goal and vision governed by the club constitution.

  • Knowledge Adventure Club

    The Clubs has a constitution outline the code of conduct and a requirement that at all levels of the Club there is fairness, equality, transparency, ethics and honesty The Club is committed to maintain committed and constant leaders ensuring that the Club meets its’ goals and vision.

    Club Directors:
    Joshua Mere, Morris Boude, Nicholas Koimbu & Alex Goiye:

    Joshua Mere
    Ph: 79316489

    Morris Boude
    Ph: 72747173

    Nicholas Koimbu:
    Ph: 70405170

    Alex Goiye: Ph: 73598471

  • Book Donations

    About the books:

    We are collecting any reading material (books, magazine, posters, and text book etc.) that are suitable for a public library or school library. Types of books to be collected are strictly educational and reading books. We shall not accept books that promote violence or contain sexual references.

    Partnership with the Papua New Guinea National Library and Archives:

    We have commenced establishing communication with the National Library to seek technical assistance and advice in assisting us identify and reach the communities and schools that are in need of reading material. We hope to further strengthen this partnership and engage in projects that are aligned with the National Libraries directives and the PNG government’s national goals in service delivery in regards to remote areas.


    We would like to form partnership to any group or individual with the same desire as the Knowledge Adventure Club “Reaching out to remote communities/schools that miss out essential services and promote knowledge through reading.
    Working Together we can reach out and have a greater impact.

    How can you help?

    We ask only for your generous donations. Any form of donation that will improve a library;
    • Books or any reading material
    • Technical Assistance – workshops to the librarians
    • Logistical Support – getting the books to the desired destination.
    • Material – construct or renovate a library
    Follow your heart….

  • Mt Wilhelm Library & Trip 2- 6 October 2015

    First Project – Mt Wilhelm

    We have already commenced preparation for our first Adventure Project of climbing the highest peak in PNG in the Gembogl district in Simbu Province.

    We have established discussions with the local authorities and have already started received generous donations of a few books from within PNG, some from New Zealand and Australia.
    Local authorities have committed in converting an old district building into the new community library.

    We also had received some commitment is assisting us get the donations from overseas into PNG and should reach the target community.
    The first trip is scheduled for the 2nd of October 2015, with a near 20 generous donor/adventurers preparing for the trip.

    Other Projects:
    The Club is also considering our ability to strengthen the library system by;
    • Facilitating workshops for school and public of a district or province,
    • Delivery of library material to remote parts
    • Library renovations etc.

    Where is the next Adventure trip?
    With the generous interest from certain donors for we have tentatively commenced initial planning for a joint trip to Samberigi area in the Southern Highlands Province and the Kikori area in the Gulf province.
    There is a strong possibility of the third trip to the Milne Bay area.
    We shall be also other remote parts of PNG e.g.
    • Iconic and memorial areas such as Milne bay the Kokoda, the New Guinea islands, Sandaun and the rest of PNG shall follow.

First Library Project at Gembogl Station, Simbu Province