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Dear Club Members, Please write about your experiences and share with others. Write also upload your images here. We also welcome guests to write and post here.

30. Apr, 2017

Joe Komba

Congratulations!!! KAC Executives and Club Members for taking the initiative to set up this awesome club. This will greatly boost & develop the children of our great nation in resource constrain rural remote areas in PNG.

Thankyou so much KAC.

Website 28. Mar, 2017


Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.Im very thankful to you that you had given me this opportunity to write on this blog.please visit our website I assure you that it will be very useful from our website.

5. Dec, 2016

Jodie Beren

Knowledge Adventure Club is an outstanding initiative created by outstanding Papua New Guineans who have this passion to make a change in their country by bringing knowledge through books to the less unfortunate ones.

Well done Alex and the team!

Hope to join you guys on the voyage to Siwai

20. Sep, 2016

Nicholas Koimbu

Club meeting at Iagifu Ridge - 7:30pm , 20th September.2016 , S.H.P.

Website 25. Jul, 2016

Peli Yapoi

Thankyou very much.

29. Feb, 2016

Club members

Club members meeting

28. Feb, 2016

Joshua Mere - KAC Director - Mt Wilhelm Trip 2015

Mt Wilhelm trip was awesome! I really enjoyed my time with the Knowledge Adventure Club members. You all are great!!! Uploaded is picture of myself with Lusanrose Ilai and Abigail Harova - Miss Pacific Island 2016.

Website 22. Feb, 2016


I did the climb with the knowledge adventure club in 2015 and it was life changing.

The members, porters and guides were awesome, fun and genuinely caring. This trip goes down as a major highlight in my life. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks to the executives, club members and the people of Mt. Wilhelm for making my journey to the highest
peak in the pacific a memorable and exciting adventure. So keen on going there again.

People should really try it. The climb tests you physically and mentally. It brought me a deep satisfaction and inspiration to my outlook towards life.

One tip though: Never underestimate the mountain.

21. Jan, 2016


This is a great initiative. Well done KAC club members!