Siwai Adventure library Project - Bougainville 2017

Knowledge Adventure Club is working towards building a new District Library in Siwai. Siwai a district in South Boungainville electorate. Siwai location is the heart of the 10 years civil war between PNG Defence force and Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA).

The civil has distroyed all infrastructure including Health and Education.

The people of Siwai have a greater need for education. Knowledge Adventure Club (KAC) members have agreed during the 6/10/2016 members meeting to promote Siwai project as the main project for 2017.

The Club Champion to lead the team will be Sir Gregory Sumi (OLM).

After Siwai:After completion of Siwai, we will move to South, Central and North Bougainville.



For any Bougainvillian who wat to help, please contact:

Sir Gregory Sumi (OLM) on ph: 71147575.




  • Siwai children utilising limited resources

    Children of Amio village of Siwai village, South Bougainville learning under a make-shift classroom.

  • Desire to learn - limited books

    Children learning with limited books. KAC will assist by linking donors and making all possible for books to reach Siwai

  • Sir Gregory Sumi - Knight by Queen's representative with OLM.

    Sir Gregory Sumi (OLM) is the Club Champion to lead KAC to Siwai. Sir Gregory is the first builder in PNG to be ever knighted. He has donate his time and effort over the 30years to making PNG a better place. He build schools, hospitals, and churches through out PNG. A gifted and and patriotic man. KAC is proud of his services. We encourage him to do more.